Sharing and Living Transcendental Experiences

BreakthroughAs you review the information on the Activation! of your Personal Potential workshop, you may think that you can achieve a number of goals simply by reading a book, or undergoing the basic process by using videos and DVDs.  Interestingly enough, there is no such thing as a transcendental experience that is as powerful when done alone.  You may even be surprised to learn that being in a group is the only way to ensure that you will be able to remember what you learned, as well as the experience of being in an expanded state.

When you look at a sculpture, you cannot see all six sides of it simultaneously.  In a similar way, when you work with spiritual dimensions, you may not be able to recall everything that happens at each level.  Fortunately, when you are in a group, each person will be coming into the experience from a different direction.  As you share your experiences, you will see how each person's contribution helps build a better, and more accurate level of understanding.

The Importance of Group and Community Support

CommunityThere is no question that other people play an enormous role in determining what actions you may or may not take.  For example, if you are in a group of people that focus mainly on financial pursuits, you will be more  motivated to keep up with them on a number of different criteria. In a similar way, when you undergo a spiritually transforming experience in a group, each member will give you the support required to stay on your path. 

Consider that the Activation! of your Personal Potential workshop with Rowland Barkley is a first step in what will be a  journey to self awareness and global reformation.  Once you return to your physical community, you will need to be able to maintain contact with people that shared your experiences.  Even if you feel stymied by certain obstacles, others from the group can help you remember how to get out of that space, and into a better one.  Without a question, when you form these kinds of associations, they will be of immense value for the rest of your life.

The Journey to Independence

Creative ImpetusWhile group processes are extremely important, the Activation! of your Personal Potential workshop was not designed to keep you dependant on consensus realities.  Instead, you will learn how to be an individual capable of blazing your own trails.  Typically, others will not follow you, per se.  Rather, they will be there beside you, as partners and team mates.  This is a powerful difference, and one that you will want to duplicate in every area of your life.  As may be expected,  once each person in your life is capable of managing their own energies, it will be much easier for you to use your own skills in order to attract everything that you want from life.

Today, few people understand why it is so harmful to simply give energy away.  For example, many people willingly give their energies to a leader, only to be disappointed when that person does not behave as expected.  In most cases, this “expectation” actually comes from your own internal ideals and values, as opposed to what the other person actually promised.  Fortunately, the Activation! of your Personal Potential workshop will be of enormous benefit when it comes to helping you understand the benefits of being in a group, as well as how to maintain your sovereignty.

As you learn how to manage your own energies, you will notice all kinds of changes in the world, as well as in people around you.  This includes sudden cessations of hostility, as well as deeper understandings of what motivates others to treat you in specific ways.  At the same time, you will also notice an enormous increase in your own energy levels, which can be used to help you pursue other goals.

Dragon CrystalEvery single situation in your life can be thought of as a sphere.  Depending on where you are in relation to that sphere, you will see something different from what others may see.  In a similar way, when you attend the Activation! of your Personal Potential workshop with Rowland Barkley, you will also be looking at multiple dimensions from your own unique perspective.  In order to get the most benefit from Activation! of your Personal Potential, you will need to be part of a group.  Aside from uncovering valuable information about your experience, this arrangement will help you achieve personal  freedoms that you never dreamed were possible.

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