Curing Addiction With an Understanding of the Human Development Process

Did you know that addiction is a learned social behavior?  Chances are, like many other people, you believe that addiction is a largely chemical process that causes permanent alterations to the brain.   If this disease description is absolutely true, Rowland Barkley would have had little, if any success at all in curing addictions.  That said, over the years, Rowland has successfully treated the kinds of problems that conventional doctors simply give up on. 

The Role of Education in Substance Based Addictions

Falling TrainTo begin, it is important to understand that the process of becoming addicted starts at birth.  Unfortunately, parents and society go out of their way to teach babies how to stop learning.  As an example, rather than answer a toddler's endless questions, a parent or teacher might give them candy instead.  Even though children need to be given food, they must also begin the process of learning how to acquire food independent of adult resources.   Therefore, giving children some candy to prevent questions will starve the natural mental craving for knowledge that may lead to acquiring that food independently.

Babies are born with an enormous capacity to absorb almost every kind of information.  At the same time, the capacity to learn certain subjects arrives and departs in predictable growth periods.  While most parents are familiar with the language development window, there are also ones for math, socialization, reasoning, and many other skills.  Unfortunately, once that time period passes, it will be much for difficult for the child to learn the necessary information.

Therefore, denying or substituting for the learning process can translate to denying a right to information needed for survival.  You have only to consider times in your life when you did not know what to do, or where to turn to understand the kind of desperation that is created in the mind of a child with unfulfilled learning potential.  Needless to say, as the child grows up, this pain and sense of panic will only get worse. 

If the child learned to substitute food, or some other type of pacifier for knowledge, they will use that conditioned reflex to adopt harmful addictions.  Typically, the addiction chosen is the one that will inflict the most pain on the adult that denied a healthy learning process.  Fortunately, when you work with Rowland, you will have an opportunity to explore the pain caused by these situations and release it.  In most cases, once these childhood events are released, so is the addiction.

How We Created a World Full of War and Crime Addicts

Inherited PatternsAs the world sinks deeper into the quagmire of one war after another, it becomes fairly obvious that the clarion call to wage war is no different from nicotine and alcohol addiction.  In many cases, the war addict may get his or her start when a parent or teacher promotes knowledge starvation.  While most children are not naturally violent or aggressive, others will become more demanding and desire more control of the situation. 

Irregardless of whether the child gravitates towards corruption, illegal activities, or promotes warfare, there is no question that anger and hostility towards society plays a key role.   As an example, the person may claim they are waging war or even pre-emptive war in order to “protect” others. Unfortunately, under the surface, this person may actually want to see society be destroyed because of the pain associated with knowledge starvation.

As may be expected, curing this kind of addiction is difficult.  On the other hand, we as a society cannot afford to lose more lives, money, and environmental resources on crime and warfare.  If you notice aggressive or warlike tendencies in yourself, your children, or family members, you may want to enroll in addiction recovery workshops.  While changing the war addiction of one person may not seem like an enormous accomplishment, the global energetic impact of success will be of more benefit than you realize.

  Magic FingersEven though addiction is essentially a conditioned reflex, not all of that behavior is associated with a chemical substance.  In many cases, healing addiction involves tapping into the root emotions that caused the person to seek out or fill some type of abnormal craving.   Rowland Barkley has achieved phenomenal success in this area by tapping into the fact that most of these cravings are the direct result of childhood knowledge starvation.  Without a question, if you want to be healed of your addiction, attending Rowland's workshops will help you achieve long lasting success.

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