Get Free of Dualistic Thinking With Family Karma Release

Big BukevUnfortunately, when people think of karmic release, they often think of trying to get free of harmful events from their personal past.  This includes negative actions from past lives, debts unpaid, and many other issues.  Interestingly enough, each person carries individual karma, and is also born into a family that has its own karmic cycle to fulfill.  Depending on the situation, satisfying your personal karma may not always be possible when you are also trying to resolve family karma. 

When you try to do two things at once, dualistic thinking is bound to occur.   This, in turn may cause enormous problems when you are trying to make decisions, as well as maintain the ability to focus on tasks at hand.  You may even find an increased tendency to have accidents, as well as all kinds of other problems that suddenly come from nowhere.  Today, Rowland Barkley can help you release each kind of family karma, as well as enjoy living to your fullest potential as member of the human family.

Your Individual Karma and Birth Family Karma

Magic FingersEven though you may have interacted with millions of people across time, you will not meet all of them in this lifetime.  The energy of those interactions can still have enormous ramifications on things that happen in this life.  In addition, you may have been born into many different families since your soul first took form.  These families accrue karma just as much as humans do.  If you fit well within your family structure, chances are your personal goals and those of the family are consistent enough to help you keep a unified focus.

It is important to realize that your birth family in this lifetime is also a vital part of your connection to the overall human family.  Therefore, if you have issues with your birth family, it may well represent a much larger issue that is also causing problems at the global level.  If you can bring your family into harmony and wellness, it will have an enormous benefit on the rest of the world.  You may even be amazed to find that families with similar issues will suddenly begin to heal, and provide benefit to the overall human consciousness.  Today, Rowland can help you start this process, as well as help create a deep and permanent healing.

Managing Ancestral and Human Family Karma

Dragon CrystalToday, the high rates of divorce and family disputes indicate that most people are suffering from dualistic thinking.  Unfortunately, many people may already be born with a conflict between satisfying their own karmic debt, and assisting the family they were born into.  This situation tends to become much worse when individuals marry into other families, and then attempt to start their own families.  As you may be aware, unresolved conflicts will only fester and continue to grow until you are forced to do something about them.

If problems seem to come up out of nowhere, it may be a good indication that you need to undergo family karmic clearing.  In many cases, undergoing family karma release can help you heal family wounds associated with your birth family.  For example, if your ancestors were brutal warriors, karmic release can help put those conflicts to rest, and set both parties free.    At the same time, you will also be able to rebalance the energies that exist in the family you chose to create.  This, in turn, will be of enormous benefit to your children, as well as the entire family unit.  You may also find that all those mysterious accidents and strange issues suddenly disappear.

There is no question that the inter-relationships between individual, family, and society can make you feel like you have to be several different people while trying to live just one life.  Unfortunately, if you allow that dualistic thinking to continue, you will find it very hard to be happy, let alone successful.  Today, you can attend Rowland Barkley's Family Karma Release workshop, and finally begin the process of unifying your personal consciousness, in a way that benefits all of the families that you are associated with at the same time. Without a question, when you rejoin the fractured elements of your life, it will be better for you, and everyone around you.

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