Making Use of Fear with Deep Shadow Transition Therapy

Inherited PatternsIrregardless of what you are afraid of, chances are you can name many reasons why.  Even if you have never had a specific negative experience, you may base your fears on what someone else has told you.  Unfortunately this has enormous consequences in your personal life, as well as at the global level.  That said, for each person that allows themselves to be governed by fear, there are others that use fear to build better and more powerful lives for themselves.  When you work with Rowland Barkley to receive Deep Shadow Transformation Therapy, or study with him in order to become to become a Deep Shadow Transition Therapist, you will have an opportunity to confront your greatest fears and turn them to your advantage.

Using Fear to Your Advantage

Ganesh ExorcismAs you grow into adulthood, your family, teachers, and friends help you about things to stay away from, as well as things to encourage in your life.  In many cases, this process often involves instilling inhibition mechanisms.  Typically, fear is used to ensure that you will not go beyond certain boundaries.  While some things are truly meant to be avoided, there are many other things that can overshadow your life and actually do more harm than good.

Consider a situation where you are afraid to drive at high speeds.  Unfortunately, this type of driving is important for honing your reflexes, your judgment, and your attention.  This fear may cause you to avoid going on the thruway, or even cause you to be afraid of driving in rush hour traffic.   Not embracing this type of driving can easily turn you into one of the worst drivers on the road.  In particular, you may feel that a “safer” situation means that you can talk on your cell phone, drive drunk, or allow other distractions to reduce your attention on the road.

Interestingly enough, a significantly high number of fatal accidents occur at speeds less than 30 mph.  In many cases, these accidents could have been avoided, or mitigated if at least one driver did not panic upon realization that a crash was going to happen.  At the same time, training yourself to always count speed to distance rations in seconds is difficult when you are lulled into a false sense of safety. 

If you conquer your initial fear of driving at high speeds, you will quickly and effectively learn how to drive in a way that is alert and steady.    Without a question, you will learn the value of paying attention to other drivers, as well release some of your worst emotional habits.  In many ways, this is precisely what Deep Shadow Transition will help you do in other areas of your life.

Fear Challenges Safety and the Status Quo

CreativityIf you are not actively engaged in dealing with what you fear, you may well believe that you are safe.  As a result, you will not be inclined to go out and do something that will disrupt your sense of security.    Once you fear something, it is already affecting your life, and only serving to undermine your safety.  As an example, if you are afraid of cancer, avoiding screening procedures may give the disease a place to hide in your unconscious mind.  That said, once you release your fears, it will be possible to live in a way that is healthy and enjoyable.

Aside from playing an enormous role in your personal life, fear can be used in more constructive ways at the global level.  Today, many political leaders wage war because they are “afraid” of what some other nation might do.  Across time, acting on these irrational fears has only served to cost the lives of billions of people.  On the other hand, having the courage to face internal shadows would inevitably lead to talking to the opposing leader and create a much healthier and happier world for everyone. 

ExorcismIn some cases, you may feel that you deserve to have fear undermine your life and your chances to be happy.  That said, the energetic signature of a nation, and even the human consciousness is a composite of each and every person.    Fortunately, when you study Deep Shadow Transformation with Rowland Barkley, you will learn how to respect yourself and manage your fears in a constructive way.  While you may not decide to become a race car driver, at least you will be able to live to your fullest potential, as well as make it much easier for others to do the same.

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