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There is an enormous paradox between the concept that a soul exists for the purpose of learning, and the idea that we were created perfect.  If we were born perfect, then it seems there should be no reason to learn, let alone encounter things that cause harm to the soul.  This paradox can be solved when we stop looking at time as a linear path.  When we view time as being capable of doubling back to its origin, creation does not reach perfection until it actually goes through the unfolding process. 

As a soul journeys, holographic images are left behind.  Because Rowland Barkley is capable of accessing this information, he can bring you healing at all levels of being.  This will help you live a more abundant and happy life, as well as accelerate your personal path towards perfection.   Today, there is no longer a need to suffer with all of the ailments that result from disintegration of the mind, body, and soul.

The Origin of Disease and Your Unique Holograms

Rowland DoubledrumIrregardless of when your soul began to manifest, others came before and followed after.  Therefore, your entire existence is framed within the context of others.  As with driving a car, interactions with souls and energies that are at different levels of development can have varying effects on your life.  As an example, energy forms in an advanced state of disintegration may cause disease, instigate crime, or create severe emotional distress.  These, and many other harmful life events ultimately cause your own soul to begin fracturing.  On the other hand, souls that have reintegrated, or maintained a naturally healthy form can help you achieve, or regain wholeness.

If you view time as linear, it is all too easy to believe that suffering and annihilation are inevitable.  Fortunately, Rowland's discovery and work with Power Holographic Healing have gone a long way towards dispelling both myths.   When you enroll in Holographic Healing and Personality Integration workshops with Rowland, you will gain access to a form of healing that has never been made available to humanity.   You will be restored to an optimal state that will enable you to naturally attract abundance, happiness, and good health.

The Benefits of Holographic Integration

Rowland DoubledrumModern physicians attempt to use various treatment protocols in order to diagnose and treat illnesses.  While this structure enables a medical provider to deliver uniform care that creates miracles for a large number of people, unique holographic energy signatures can still haunt the lives of the individual and everyone around them.  One has only to think of scars, bacterial contamination, and water supplies polluted by medications to see how this manifests.   Fortunately, when you finish up the healing process with Holographic Healing and Personality Integration, you can achieve full restoration for yourself and anyone affected by your issues.

Many of the things that make you different from another person have to do with your soul's history and interactions across time.  Therefore, in order to achieve complete restoration after an illness, or severe emotional upset, holographic healing may be required.  In many cases, this is the only method that will enable a sufficiently integrated personality to see the original perfect structure of your soul, and then align all the pieces accordingly. 

Aside from this, holographic healing is ideal for enabling your soul to proceed along in the unfolding process.  Inevitably, part of that process will entail learning how to reassemble and unify parts of your soul, as well as realign others in your family and neighborhood.  Once this soul integration is accomplished for self and the rest of humanity, everyone will experience perfection at the beginning of the circle of time.

Today, many people are finding out that a linear view of time creates all kinds of stress, disharmony, and a sense of futility.  That said, the greatest spiritual masters of all time realized that there is no such thing as “end” or “decay”.  Rather, there are only interacting energies and souls that are at different levels of being.  Over the years, Rowland Barkley has uncovered some of the most powerful and effective ways to use this information to restore wholeness and wellness to participants in his workshops.  Irregardless of whether you are looking for material and emotional happiness, or you need some help with spiritual enlightenment, Rowland's Personality Integration and Holographic Healing Workshops can help you achieve your goals.

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