Use Dimensional Realities to Create Your Perfect World

Energetic LiberationEven though most scientists only know about the three physical dimensions, geniuses like Einstein have developed mathematical evidence to support the existence of invisible dimensions and realities.  Interestingly enough, these dimensions have been accessible to medicine people across time.  Today, when you sign up for Rowland Barkley's Archetypal Energy Healing workshops, you can also learn how to access these holographic dimensions in order to create a perfect life for yourself and others.

A Basic Introduction to Levels of Reality

SystemicUnfortunately, knowing other realities exist is not the same thing as being able to enter them and work with the entities that reside in each space.  For example, most people are aware of the holographic healing spaces, but they are not able to consciously enter these areas without guidance.  Typically, the methods for obtaining this guidance cover learning the geography and landscape of alternate dimensions, as well as being initiated so that you can recognize and interact with various energy patterns.  Over the last 30 years, Rowland has become an expert at accessing the most useful dimensions, as well as teaching his students how to do so on their own.  

As you learn more about Archetypal Energy Healing, you will come to a new understanding about yourself as a being that actually exists in multiple dimensions.   Perhaps most importantly, you will learn to identify problem areas at a higher level, and correct them before they begin to manifest in your physical life.  Without a question, Archetypal Energy Healing is one of the best methods you can find to reform your  life in a way that is easy and safe.

Dreaming Into Being and Manifestation

Nature ForcesChances are, you experience the effect of multiple dimensional realities on a routine basis.  Consider a situation where you are walking around in a store.  As you watch other shoppers, you may have a vague sense of knowing what direction they will go in.   While most of this behavior amounts to common sense, there is also a good bit of spiritual manifestation at work.  In particular, if you “think” and “believe” a different behavior from the norm, you may be amazed to see it unfold right in front of your eyes. 

It is also important to understand that both of you are simultaneously creating a different reality at another level of being.  Typically, the same kind of behavior also happens on the highway.  Unfortunately, there is an enormous difference between being prepared in case someone acts dangerously, and literally thinking an accident into existence.   That said, you can still enter the holographic space to eliminate habits of your own that basically attract dangerous situations and people to you.  This includes talking on your cell phone, as well as driving while impaired.

Big BukevEvery moment of your life is spent creating the exact reality that you have asked for at some level or another.  Regardless of whether you want to create good health, financial abundance, or a happy family, all of it is first accomplished in the holographic space.  Typically, once you know how to think and ask for what you want, the way for you to manifest will become a path that is easy and enjoyable to follow.

Archetypal Energy Healing can also make it much easier for you to understand your role in creating a consensus reality.  As you learn more about how your energy influences others, you can  find ways to get free of contributing to harmful outcomes.  Once you are able to control what you send out, it will be much easier to receive beneficial events and people into your life.  Without a question, you will be continually amazed at how your world is a perfect reflection of who you are, as well as what you are becoming.

Magic FingersRegardless of your age, you will reach a point where you begin to wonder how so many problems entered into your life.  When you work with Rowland, he will teach you about all the different energies and dimensions that contribute to your physical reality.  This journey will be as much about self discovery as it is about understanding that you are the entire universe.  At the same time, once you know the origin of all your problems, you will also discover the origin of all the blessings that you can have in your life instead.

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Personal Consultation at the Core of Existence

Barkley RadiationWhen I work with you in Private Session we are in direct conference within the Fractal Matrix creating manifest reality. We are in the presence of the Orisha who are the powers of Nature and at the same timeless time the raw elements of human personality. Each person is being created in the image of the Divinities, not long ago, right now. Resolving conflicts of the Divinities within your deeper self in this very moment is needed to Make a Change. When you dare to be different, take the risk of Private Audience with Rowland Barkley.

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