The Role of Suggestion in the Patient - Medical Provider Relationship

Even though doctors are responsible for diagnosing and curing disease, there is no question that the patient has at least 50% control of the relationship.  Aside from having to trust that your patients will take their medicine, it is equally important for both of you to be in harmony with the intent to make a full recovery.  Unfortunately, your body language, tone, and medical opinion may make it virtually impossible for your patients to recover.  As a chiropractor and shaman, Rowland Barkley understands the complexity of having to navigate between conventional medical opinion and the deeper spiritual insights that trigger miraculous healing.

Helping Your Patients Get Well With Archetype Negotiation Method

Rowland DoubledrumIn a sense, when you use big or complicated words, you automatically push your patient into a foreign world.  While this may not be as traumatic as the rigors of boot camp, that momentary confusion can leave your patients open to a very subtle form of brain washing.  As they pay more attention to you in the search for understanding, your body language, tone, and feelings will be imprinted more than you realize.  For the most part, you can think of this imprinting process as a form of energy referral, or even the “sale” of a preconceived notion.

Irregardless of whether or not your patient wants to get well, it is crucial to optimize your own response to one that supports complete healing.  Among other things, if you have an unconscious habit of mimicking your patient's negative feelings, it will only reinforce the state of illness.   This can easily make the non-judgmental act of diagnosing turn into an absolute prognosis.

As someone who has worked in the medical profession, Rowland has experience with all of the issues and energies that you encounter with your own patients.  Even if you are a nurse, a CNA, or some other type of medical provider, Archetype Negotiation Method workshops can help you reframe each encounter with your patients in a way that promotes wellness.  Once you begin understanding more about your energetic role in the relationship, you may well have the joy of taking part in all kinds of miraculous recoveries. 

Some Things to Consider About Terminal Patients

Drum ThroneContrary to popular belief, being a force of positive healing does not mean deny or fail to disclose what you learn from pathology reports and blood tests.  That said, instead of thinking of these results as immutable facts, it is best to look at each sign of illness as an obstacle.  From there, you will need to act in partnership with your patient to overcome and dispense with the state of disease.

Even if your patients are not going to die within a short period of time, they are likely to ask how long their illness will last.  At this stage, it is crucial to recognize that your patient is attempting to transfer an enormous amount of control that is better left in their hands.  Unfortunately, when you give a time frame, the patient may decide to do everything possible to obey what they feel is a higher authority.  This may well include die, or remain ill for the rest of their life. 

On the other hand, you, as a doctor, are fully aware that the time frames you refer to are based on statistical averages.  You may even be aware that revealing these time frames is somewhat similar to betting on the horses.  Even if these statistics represent what appears to be the expected course of an illness, doctors before you were using similar statistics based on smaller sample sizes.  At the same time, their harmful body language systems may have only served to solidify the expected outcomes.

There is no question that working with patients entails many different levels of meaning and understanding.  Even though you may feel wholly responsible for the outcome of any course of treatment, half the job is still in the hands of the patient.  Today, you have an opportunity to learn how to help your patients use their innate healing power in harmony with your own desire to see them well.  Once you try Rowland Barkley's Archetype Negotiation Method workshops, you will have an opportunity to deliver the kinds of miracles that you always dreamed of.

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