Ancient Consensus “Realities” and the Modern World

Wood StoveToday, many spiritual and philosophical belief systems basically indicate that life begins, develops, and ultimately degrades until death occurs.   This includes the idea that our greatest soul gifts have become lost or destroyed as we progress through time.   While that may be logical in a “cause and effect” type of reality, it is very dangerous when expanded into a consensus reality that includes the entire world.   Interestingly enough, our “modern” perception of “cause and effect” has its roots in the successes and failures of humans well before recorded history.  

Regardless of whether you are trying to improve your own life, or do something for your community, you may often wish that you had the skills, talents, or energies that you had in other lifetimes.  Contrary to popular opinion, it is entirely possible for you to regain all of the gifts and abilities you had from the moment your soul was created.  To begin the process, all you will need to do is enroll in Rowland Barkley's Past Life Abilities Retrieval Workshop.

Free Yourself From Fatalistic Atlantean and Lemurian Paradigms

PostojnaTypically, a lack of knowledge about a particular event does not prevent it from having an impact on our lives.  In most cases, the effects are so subtle that we may not see their effects for several years.  By that time, the original energies have magnified and evolved to a point where it takes an enormous amount of discernment to understand what is happening.  Strangely enough, even myths can alter the entire progress of a civilization.

The stories of Atlantis and Lemuria were tailor made to support the idea that human beings must lose certain soul parts, and suffer ultimate destruction.  Fantasy or not, this belief system serves to keep millions of people under the control of fatalistic consensus reality thinking.   In a similar way, trying to create a “redeemer” serves to force individuals to give up more of their soul parts in order to achieve some kind of conglomerate survival.  On the other hand when you retrieve your past life abilities, you can create your own destiny.  Once you begin this process, all of those harmful paradigms will simply slip away, and leave you with the kind of vitality and joy that has not been seen in this world for thousands of years.

Achieving More in the Modern World

Drum LessonAnyone that wants to see their children or grandchildren go on to create families of their own will want to get free of the fatalistic consensus reality that is rapidly dooming humanity to extinction.  In most cases, you can easily debunk this paradigm with Barkley Holographic Timeline Therapy by taking back all of the gifts your soul had across time.   Once you regain these abilities, you will be living proof that the current consensus reality is seriously flawed.  From there, others will follow, and you will be at the forefront of creating miraculous changes in your life and in this world.

Even if you feel that you have lost your entire soul, you can get every single piece back, along with all the abilities held in those soul parts.  Today, Rowland Barkley is one of the few people that has the ability to ensure that you are fully restored to your point of origin.  Without a question, if you have undergone past life ability retrieval with others, you will be stunned by   the difference. 

As modern humans, we tend to forget that millions of years of history and activities are built into our actions and thoughts.  In some cases, even human imaginings have expanded to a point where our history becomes based on fantasy and delusion.  Unfortunately, the modern global situation is clear evidence that humanity cannot hope to survive if we continue to base our action and beliefs on fatalistic consensus thinking.

Major BreakthoughEven though our ancestors needed to build some type of “cause and effect” thinking in order to form societies, mistakes and negative emotions have escalated to the point where we all need to break free of those chains. In particular, each person needs to retrieve past life abilities in order to recognize that humanity does not need to descend into some type of ultimate destruction.  Today, with the Life Abilities Retrieval Workshop, you can let Rowland Barkley help you retrieve your birthright, and look forward to a new world filled with all the joy and abundance you have been looking for.

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