Improving Your Relationships With Power Animal Recovery

Chances are, when you hear the phrase “power animal”, you may first think of cultural expressions that attempt to draw a comparison between animal behavior and human behavior.  That said, power animals play a much more larger role in your life than these definitions suggest.   Among other things, the loss of power animals can lead to all kinds of relationship problems.  Therefore, if you are looking to improve your work, personal, or other social relationships, it may be to your benefit to have your power animals retrieved. 

The Difference Between a Power Animal and an Animal Totem

Power AnimalIn order to understand what a power animal is, you may want to look for some pictures of sculptures created in the Middle East during the stone age.  Some of  these sculptures depict a human face in the front, and an animal one in the back.   While these sculptures may appear primitive by modern standards, they clearly expressed the human psyche and the animal one as two halves of the same whole.  In a similar way, your power animals reside within.

On the other hand, animal totems are external entities.  Typically, they will stay with you for your entire life.  In some cases, you may form or break an alliance with different animals.  While these animals can provide support, comfort, and guidance, they are still unique spirits that are not dependant on you.

When you work with Rowland, he will teach you a great deal about how to recognize your unique set of power animals.  This includes helping you to see aspects of your body language that reveal which animals represent your inner thoughts.  As you proceed with the retrieval process, you will also learn how to shift more deeply into these roles, and gain the benefit of them.  

There are many books and workshops that provide information about these topics, as well as shapeshifting and other forms of “animal transformation”.  Unfortunately, most of these products and seminars will fail to teach you how to recognize and respect your animal side.  At a minimum, when you work with Rowland, you will have the opportunity to understand your instinctive nature in a way that does not require wearing fur, or making strange sounds.  Without a question, you will appreciate forming the deeper links and resonances that will enable you to call on the support of your power animals without others necessarily understanding what is happening.

The Benefits of Using Power Animal Symbolism

Rowland DoubledrumConsider a situation where you are having problems with a co-worker or supervisor.  For the most part,  you may feel bullied, intimidated, or weakened in this person's presence.  At the same time, you may spend your private time festering with anger and an inability to make any changes in the situation.  Unfortunately, showing any type of negative attitude will most likely result in job loss.  On the other hand, once you retrieve your power animals, you will be able to find the answers and energy that will help you manage the situation more effectively.

To begin, when you have a problem with a co-worker, there may be something that you are missing during communications.  As an example, your co-worker may feel nervous, or uncomfortable for some reason.  When you go into the situation with the idea that the other person is jealous, hateful, or domineering, you will have a very  hard time breaking through the impasse.  On the other hand, when you think like your power animal it may be much easier.

In this situation, you may want to start by calling for your power animal that best represents listening and observation.  Irregardless of whether this animal is a mouse, a housefly, or a wise owl, you are sure to pick up all kinds of interesting things about your co-worker.  From there, you will be able to easily adopt another animal to effectively manage the situation. At the same time, you will also have an opportunity to reframe the situation in a way that is of optimal benefit.  You are likely to be surprised by the improvements in your work relationship, as well as your increased productivity.

Even though you may feel that you know the difference between power animals and animal totems, learning how to interface with them can be difficult.  That said, Rowland has over 30 years of experience with retrieving power animals, as well as training others how to work with them for optimal benefit.   Therefore, if you want to be effective and achieve your goals, the best thing you can do is start by signing up for Rowland's workshops.

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