Using Soul Retrieval and Integration to Heal Financial Crisis

Falling TrainDo you roll your eyes just like your mother, or have a nose just like your father's?  These, and many other traits were most likely passed down through generations.  At the same time, each of those generations also had a set of basic needs that had to be met through the system of interdependence.   While this may seem obvious, you may not realize the enormous role it plays on your current financial situation, let alone the powerful key you hold to solving the global financial crisis. 

Irregardless of whether your ancestors farmed, hunted animals, or performed some type of community service, the energies associated with obtaining and doing work within a set of social constraints are also passed down from generation to generation.  Unfortunately, as with many other aspects of your life, the patterns that worked or failed in the past may cause an enormous amount of harm in the present.

Consider a situation where you work in some type of clerical job.  Now, let us also say you often find yourself competing during work hours, and constantly facing scarcity in every area of your life.  Even though an ancestor from thousands of years ago may not have worked in a similar position, their occupations and habits are recorded in your soul matrix. 

As you may be aware, each time you go for a job, lose a job, or suffer some type of negative experience, it may cause a piece of your soul to be left behind.  Without a question, if you had a more constructive way of looking at work, you may have been able to navigate around these situations and avoid the soul loss. 

Barkley MetaphysicianWhen Rowland Barkley performs a Soul Retrieval, he does much more than simply look for the soul fragment and place it back in your body.  Rather, he sees the soul and all its fragments in multiple, interdependent contexts.  This includes the effect of your ancestral lines, as well as the things they needed to do in order to survive.  Therefore, Rowland is uniquely able to see all of the reasons why your soul “learned” to draw situations that created a path that is spiritually and financially harmful.

During the process of reintegrating your soul fragments in workshops and private sessions, you will have an enormous opportunity to take part in a two-fold cure.  First, you will be clearing the negative patterns that would only go on to influence your future and that of your family.  At the same time, you will also be helping to clear the enormous number of harmful recordings that have built up in the human consciousness for thousands of years.

Without a question, humans do horrible things to each other right along with every other living thing on this planet.  As a result, somewhere in the back of your mind, you may feel that someone, somewhere in your ancestral past must also have done something horrible in order to survive.  Irregardless of whether your imagination creates genocide, inhumane hunting practices, or unethical social dealings, you may well decide it is better to go on punishing yourself with your current set of financial limitations. 

Even though no one can tell you what to do with your life, why go on living in a way that harms the rest of the world and your own future generations?   Doesn't it seem a bit silly to go on imposing a negative world view on others based on something your soul was not even responsible for?  As a member of an interdependent society, there is no question that everyone today depends on you to optimize your life and do everything possible to live in a way that is harmonious and productive.   

Energetic LiberationMany people are skeptical of going for a Soul Retrieval.  Among other things, you may have heard all kinds of stories about the difficulties of facing the power of your emotions.  While the reintegration process is not always easy, you will find that Rowland's approach creates a much healthier, successful, and rewarding process.  Because of his special ability to see your role, and your family's role across many timelines and dimensions, you can feel confident that the retrieval and integration will be tailor made for your personal wellness.

There is no question that the global financial crisis affects each person.   Fortunately, you hold within your soul and its fragmenting habits a valuable key to healing your own life and the world economy at the same time.  Consider that as you dig yourself out of debt, or obtain a job that enables you to pursue environmental rehabilitation, you will also be serving your community in a positive way.  Today, you have a unique opportunity to enroll in Rowland Barkley's soul retrieval workshops, and begin the process of healing financial crisis on all levels.  Irregardless of your past, or your ancestral past, soul retrieval is one of the first things you will need to do in order to achieve success.

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