Breakthrough! Predestination, and Create Your Own Future

BreakthroughEven though many religions claim there is no such thing as predestination, they all attempt to control the behavior of the masses by indicating there are only a chosen few that will reach the highest levels of enlightenment or spiritual grace.   While these processes tend to catalyze individuals to do things they would not normally do, it also creates a sense of finality and predestination.  As may be expected, when entire cultures are entranced by these beliefs, it eventually leads to the kind chaos we are witnessing in the world today.

Over the years, Rowland Barkley has helped many people break the cycle of culturally preprogrammed destiny.  For example, the Breakthrough Activation! workshops are crucial first step to getting free of all the harmful programming that has been damaging your life and preventing you from achieving happiness.  While this workshop only lasts for one weekend, it will change your life forever.

The Struggle to Break Free of Cultural Programming

As you begin to realize what is happening to your life, you will begin the search for a way to get free of a destiny that does not suit you as an individual.  Chances are, others have already called you “foolish”, or say other things in an effort to keep you locked into paradigms that no longer work for you.  You may even find that becoming a new age seeker will only expose you to more of the same kinds of predestination programming that you are trying so hard to get away from.

For the most part, you will find that getting free of the chains of predestiny is a process.  You will need to overcome a number of obstacles, each of which was uniquely designed to keep you trapped for as long as possible.  Fortunately, Rowland Barkley knows all the best methods for ensuring that no person is left behind in the cycle of predestiny.  When you attend the Activation! of your Personal Potential seminar you will begin a powerful process that will literally change the world.

Accessing Your Right to Create a Better World

BreakthroughFrom the moment you are born, there is always someone to teach you or tell you that cause and effect must follow each other. This, turn creates an overall pattern of predestination that the entire society becomes locked into.  As may be expected, this kind of rigidness ultimately leads to destruction from things that would otherwise be easily managed.  Unfortunately, this holds true for individuals as well as for societies, and the entire human species.

In most cases, the “cause and effect” relationships that govern your life are only based on a tiny sample of all possible outcomes.  For example, even a scientist will tell you that there is no such thing as 100% guaranteed.  While a scientist may be able to create laws that appear to govern the majority of circumstances, they can and do discover new things to invalidate the current world view.   Interestingly enough, like Einstein, once you begin to break free of these paradigms, you will be able to start shifting each and every outcome into something that you want to see happen.

As you learn how to create your own reality, you will soon realize that you were not born to live in a predestined world. In fact, as you become more empowered, you will be reassured by all the miraculous changes in your life. Without a question, if what you are doing now is failing to bring you happiness, it only stands to reason that taking back your natural born powers will help you to succeed.

Typically, finding out that the world does not operate based on predestination can be a painful process.   Today, many people are left wondering how to survive and be happy in a cultural environment that is being destroyed because it is not flexible enough to accommodate events and realities that indicate a better, more empowered future for each human being. Without a question, if you want to be happy and successful, it is time to attend the Breakthrough Activation!  workshop with Rowland Barkley.  As you learn how to access your unique birthright, you will be well on your way to achieving the full bounty that you were meant to have.

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