Benefits of Karmic Release for Managing Traumatic Lifetime Events

As you may be aware, every action and thought in your life is imprinted on your soul.   Unfortunately, you may find that it is impossible to avoid every situation that will leave a negative recording.  On the other hand, enrolling in Karmic Release workshops with Rowland Barkley can help you erase these recordings and rebalance your energies.

Releasing Events in This Lifetime

Big BukevIf you have ever been in a car accident, then you know all kinds of negative emotions go along with the financial and physical pain that follow.  Today, many people remain completely disabled from relatively minor injuries.  As with many other forms of illness, a great deal of this suffering may be caused by the constant replaying of a recorded event.  Individuals may even hold onto these recordings in order to punish themselves, the other driver, and society for their misfortune. 

There is no question that the aftermath of a car accident can inflict even more trauma.  Irregardless of the situation, there will be a period of time when it will be very difficult to manage and rechannel negative emotions. As a result, the internal complex of harmful energy will continue to build.   This can easily cause parts of your soul to break off and go away until you regain a more positive view of life.  This cycle of disintegration will continue unless you take action to release the original negative event. 

In a similar way, if you have ever had to end a marriage, you are likely to mourn for some time.   It is also important to understand that trying to enter into a marriage if your personality is not integrated will only cause more problems.  Because marriage is a union with an external opposite, it also becomes the creation of a new personality.  Therefore, when a divorce occurs, it becomes an act of self sacrifice, as well as the killing of something that you believed was unique and whole.

Fortunately, karmic release can go a long way to helping you rediscover what is uniquely yours, as well as what has become attached through trauma.  You may even want to hold onto that foreign energy because you think there will be nothing to replace it.   On the other hand, once you let go of what is not yours, you will regain your own sense of self.   This process is also an important part of reintegrating parts of your personality that began to take on independent lives after a traumatic event.

 Liberating Ancestral and Past Life Energies

PostojnaEven if you do not believe in past lives, there is no question that you inherit all kinds of things from your ancestors.   These energies impact your life even if you cannot see and access them.  As with traumas inflicted in this life, your soul will experience pain and disintegration when these old recordings take control of your life.  Unfortunately, these energies or soul fragments may be in as much distress as you are.  In many cases, they will also want to be free of the cycle.

While there are many ancestral and past life regression therapists, most only focus on getting you to visualize some past event.  In most cases, you will feel excited because you have uncovered something odd or even mysterious.  That said, uncovering a past life can be a bit like encountering an object from lost civilization.  As an example, if you have never seen or used a hammer, you may not know what to do with it.  At the same time, you may even believe that the original culture worshiped it, or used it for some other esoteric purpose.

When you work with Rowland on karmic release, he will do much more than share in old memories.  Instead, he will work at other levels to see how these memories fit into your unique spiritual path and signature.  From there, he will help you understand how these energies have influenced your life, as well as how to release them.

As you may be aware, the human consciousness is, in part, a recording of the experiences of each and every human.  While the generations may come and go, there can and will be times when some energies persist beyond usefulness.   Irregardless of whether they last during one lifetime, or during many lifetimes, they become harmful.  Therefore, karmic release is very important for ensuring that your unique sector of the human consciousness is in the best condition that it can be.   As you heal and recover from various types of trauma, it will also help others achieve the same goal.

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