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Third Vital Key:  Integrate and Harness Your Dark Side

Get Free of the Biggest Demon of All Time with Ease and Efficiency

ExorcismExorcism is not necessarily a matter of getting rid of an external energy from someone or some thing else.  Rather, it is a process of freeing self from ego copies of others that exist in our mind. By releasing false egos we created to represent ourselves, we can free up wasted energy, as well as gain Direct Access to the power of our own deeper Self.   With liberation training, you become a living example of psychic self defense through integration, balance, and healthy living. 

Some methods you will learn include:

Practitioner Level:

  • How to Recognize and Clear Genetic and Other Types of  Electrical Field Implants.  Dissolve energetic blocks, obsessions, knots, self-doubts, and emotional limitations caused by past failures.  These are usually co-created energy forms that outlive their purpose; and only serve to cause harm to relationships and personal health.  This process will liberate you from one of the most common causes of illness in the human race.  You will regain energy trapped in these shells, as well as failed past efforts in order to solve current problems.
  • Release egos of “Dead People” This includes live people with whom our relationship has died.  Essentially, you will “clear the cast” of characters from your emotional body that have been dumped, lost, borrowed, or stolen from others
  • Redirect past life and ancestral impulses  Learn how to rechannel the past into useful actions here and now.

Master Level:

The unique, creative differences between each person can also manifest unique expressions of energetic issues.  Therefore, if you want to help others, additional training is required to help you diagnose key energy patterns, as well as maintain your focus in a way that is helpful to yourself and your client.