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Finger MagicActivation! and other Personal Realisation Seminars lead by Rowland Barkley are extremely challenging and deeply transformational. Can you take the risk necessary to open to your abilities and implement your dreams?

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Archetype Negotiation Method Level 2:
Deep Therapeutic Trances Training
Prerequisite:  Archetype Negotiation Method Level One
Free Your Creative Power by Exploring Your Light and Dark Sides

Deep TrancesEach day, people invest an enormous amount of energy trying to hide or do away with aspects of self that are less than perfect.  As you look at these “dark” sides of yourself with love and compassion, you will experience exponential leaps in creativity and vitality.

Deep Transformational Trance skills will enable you to:

  • Initiate trance states in yourself and your client
  • Reveal and harness innate self healing potentials in your clients.
  • Enable clients to feel more creative and protected in their  life
  • Connect to the Deep Instinctive Mind,  soul, and environment
  • Expand fields of awareness to include power animals and other images.

Because people tend to wear energetic masks, they tend to influence how others respond. When these holograms include limiting belief structures, they can wreak havoc for individuals as well as society. During this workshop, you will learn to identify these masks, as well as use Alchemical Shamanism to transmute them into more beneficial energies.

In the final two days of the workshop, you will develop advanced Holographic Timeline Healing skills. These include:

  • Life Matrix Repatterning
  • Healing families and whole groups, in person  or at a distance
  • Past/Future Soul Integration.

You came here because you want to change something

Personal Consultation at the Core of Existence

Barkley RadiationWhen I work with you in Private Session we are in direct conference within the Fractal Matrix creating manifest reality. We are in the presence of the Orisha who are the powers of Nature and at the same timeless time the raw elements of human personality. Each person is being created in the image of the Divinities, not long ago, right now. Resolving conflicts of the Divinities within your deeper self in this very moment is needed to Make a Change. When you dare to be different, take the risk of Private Audience with Rowland Barkley.

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