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Finger MagicActivation! and other Personal Realisation Seminars lead by Rowland Barkley are extremely challenging and deeply transformational. Can you take the risk necessary to open to your abilities and implement your dreams?

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Archetype Negotiation Method Level 4:

Activated Neurolinguistics

Prerequisites: To receive the Master NLP Practitioner Certificate, students must have successfully completed Archetype Negotiation Method Levels one, two and three. Other students may be accepted onto the course having completed any basic training with Rowland Barkley, and will receive the Activated Neurolinguistic provisional certificate.

Activated NeurolinguisticsEven though most of our waking hours are occupied by taking up body postures, communicating, and using energies, non-optimized awareness can often lead to an enormous amount of limitation.  During the Activated Neurolinguistics training workshop, you will acquire the abilities necessary to increase your range of personal choices for daily activities, as well as how you feel about them.  As you consider the limitless options for reaching any goal, you will also discover the path to achieving them in an efficient and competent manner.  Some of the skills you will develop include:

  • Entering powerful and positive states of consciousness 
  • Be focused in what you do in life
  • Change  unwanted automatic reactions in yourself and others
  • Model the genius of others, and transfer to your own actions
  • Learn how all your client's problems already include the  resources to solve the problems
  • Use “Sleight of  Mouth” patterns to explode the boundaries of problems, in  therapeutic, social, and business situations
  • Learning  from your Future Self  how to solve today's problems
  • Teach clients how to heal themselves of incurable  illnesses
  • Learn how to work with values  so that you and others spend life much more happily and productively
  • Help your clients expand their possibilities and create their own excellent choices. 

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Personal Consultation at the Core of Existence

Barkley RadiationWhen I work with you in Private Session we are in direct conference within the Fractal Matrix creating manifest reality. We are in the presence of the Orisha who are the powers of Nature and at the same timeless time the raw elements of human personality. Each person is being created in the image of the Divinities, not long ago, right now. Resolving conflicts of the Divinities within your deeper self in this very moment is needed to Make a Change. When you dare to be different, take the risk of Private Audience with Rowland Barkley.

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