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Archetype Negotiation Method Level 3:
Deep Shadow Transformation: Deobsession for Therapists
Prerequisites: Archetype Negotiation Method Levels One and Two

Shadow TransformationYou need to know how to deal with ego fragments, energetic patterns, and belief packages borrowed from others. 

If you wish to help your clients achieve long-lasting results, you will first need to have a full and powerful level of personal integration.  Typically, this will manifest itself in a way that naturally invites clients to venture deeply into their own shadows in order to release them.   These workshops will help you:

  • Integrate your own personality and work effectively with your dark side
  • Attain a  significant level of expertise in the subject of non-oppositional Exorcism
  • Dissolve identities you created to deal with past issues, thus freeing your full potential for current work. This includes “alienating thought patterns” that attract “alien” energies.
  • Learn dissolution of imprinted negative  soul patterns passed on through the generations
  • Free yourself and your clients of energetic patterns released from the mother's emotional body and unconscious mind during natal development.
  • Become a living example of integration that prevents   possession from foreign thoughts and energies.