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Archetype Negotiation Method Level 5:

Forces of the Universe:
Archetype Negotiation Method in Healing and Business

Prerequisites:  Archetype Negotiation Method Levels One, Two, and three.

A healing energy shift is marked by the establishment of beneficial new internal experiential imagery patterns. 

Nature ForcesAs a result of directly experiencing the basic energy matrices of the universe, this workshop will help you develop a deeper, amplified range of therapeutic flexibility.   This module builds on the “Holographic Timeline Healing” and “Deep Trances Training” workshops in which participants experience the four archetypes that need to be experienced simultaneously   in order to remain energetically flexible, yet stable and centered. During this workshop you will:

  •  Learn how to communicate energetically with the various personality aspects of clients, much as an orchestra conductor communicates with his orchestra. Access these matrices in order to achieve success, wellness, and passion for living.
  • Achieve high speed problem resolution skill by means of the reconnecting both therapies and clients to the appropriate resources that are always available in nature.
  • Explore the Odus of Ifa model, an ancient mapping of the basic 256 energy patterns of the universe.
  • Make use of Experiential Imagery models as they are used in Shamanic systems.